Jim's Pancakes

Few parents find the time to make breakfast for their kids on a regular basis. Apparently, this dad likes to make crazy pancakes. He has some great ideas, and a lot of fun.
Try to tell me this little girl won't have great breakfast memories when she's older.

Great Menu

Kimberly Belle mentioned a restaurant in her blog named Joseph Leonard. What I love is the breakfast menu. It has personality. It doesn't resemble a diner or Denny's. It's beautiful and I'll be hitting this place up next time I'm in NYC.

Red Beer Revisited

So here it is. My newly official "Perfect Red Beer" recipe. It has been tested on two blonds and two brunettes. Including me, it received 4 out of 5 rave reviews. (One of the blonds thought it was terrible, but she hates beer anyway.)

1 Bottle of wheat beer, I used Sierra Nevada Kellerweis because of its coriander flavor
1 can quality tomato juice, 5.5 ounces
1/4 teaspoon smoked salt

That's it. Mix and guzzle.

The First Photoshoot

As with most things, food photography has a learning curve. I'm still low on the curve. I decided to collaborate with a great friend of mine who knows quite a bit about fashion photography. I have noticed a great void of photography featuring people with food. This shoot was our first effort in filling the void.
Amarett did great, the models were a lot of fun, and I'm proud of the food I made. Next time I will pay more attention to my food styling. I was too hands off after the initial plating.
Amarett posted her favorite shots on flickr. I will begin using my favorites on this blog.
I hope you enjoy!


It seems as though by adding an egg or two, most any dish can become breakfast or brunch.
That's something to consider when you get bored with the S.O.S.


I've been interested in collaborating with a friend to produce some interesting pictures. I don't want to say my camera is lame but next to hers it may as well be disposable.
We set the date for the shoot: April 7th. Now I'm scrambling like mad to figure out what food to shoot.

Hops and Schmaltz

Went to visit family in Michigan last week. I enjoyed a lot of things about the trip; two of them related to food.
Michiganders know Bell's beer but they don't distribute to my neck of the woods so I had never heard of them. I went on a beer run in search of interesting local beer and found it with Bell's. At $10.50 a sixer I was worried they wouldn't live up to the price. It is one of the few brewers I've had around that price that are actually worth the coin. I tried three types and each one was excellent. If you see Bell's in your store, toss some in your basket.

On the last night of the trip we drove about 1.5 hours to a restaurant where my classmate is one of the chefs. I know there are other great restaurants within hotels but I usually dread the continental cuisine. Six.One.Six. at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids was wonderful. Not only is the hotel beautiful, the restaurant feels like its own entity. While there I saw a chicken confit hash on the dinner menu and went for it. It was delicious. Joel said he used schmaltz to confit the chicken. I had never heard of schmaltz but it's a very traditional Jewish ingredient; basically rendered chicken fat. Yum. I'm definitely going to stop tossing the chicken trim into the stockpot. I can't wait to play with some schmaltz. Definitely head to Six.One.Six when you can. They also have Bell's on their beer list.