Getting Started

Two years ago I was bouncing this blog idea off a great friend; he said not to do it. He also creates things for a living but his industry is TV, not food. That conversation happened during a rough time when he had a great pilot in the works only to hit a major roadblock while another production company snatched the concept and beat him to market. He lost a lot of money and time in that botched deal.
We were talking about that and a cookbook that I had been working on. As I wondered aloud about offering all my recipes for free in blog format he stopped me. Pointing out that I would be giving away my property, nobody would ever have to buy the book to get my recipes. As true as that is, I've since learned that most books never make a profit anyway.
The real epiphany came when I was making fun of a cook who refused to share her secret mustard recipe. Her mustard is very good, but you can never have the recipe. Someday she will die and her legacy will be a mustard that nobody can make. What's the point of that?
Her active secrecy is no different than my passive secrecy for the past few years. I would always share my recipes if asked, but no one asked because they didn't know they should or could. So here you go; you can have them all.


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